Abstract World – Abstract Art

Abstract World PhotoArt

Abstract World – Abstract Art  – PLATUX Masterpiece

Sold in Switzerland 1,80m x 1,20m (Aluminium-Dibond-Acrylic Glas)

Abstract World PhotoArt

Fantastic Composition: Abstract World & The Moated Castle of Anholt!

Abstract World PhotoArt Moated Castle Anholt PhotoArt

Platux modern art sale art collector artlovers
Platux modern art sale art collector artlovers – sold in Nürnberg

Limited Art Editions: PLATUX rare and high value artworks – buy now!

Art Book „Internationale Kunst Heute 2016“

Internationale Kunst Heute 2016 de PLATUX فن fan Kunst 藝術 Yìshù アート Āto Τέχνη कला kala Sanat ศิลปะ Arte

Art Exhibitions … for example:

ARTMUC 2016 Platux Fotokunst Kunstausstellung München Referenzen Presse

ARTMUC Kunstmesse München 2016 

Abu Dhabi Art Exhibition – Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi

Art Dubai Exhibitions – German Pavilion & Art Avenue Dubai

ART Stuttgart Gallery Art Fair

Bodensee  – permanent

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Happy Color Fish

Happy Color Fish GRATIS Poster 4 KIDS

Happy Color Fish

Limited ART edition – Photo art & fine art works:

Color Fish PhotoArt

Modern ART Animals

Modern ART Photography – fine art works:

  • Art Print on paper (Country Edition)
  • Photo Art Print on aluminum (Continent Edition)
  • Light Art Photography (Continent Edition)
  • Prints on glas and behind acrylic glass (Continent Edition)
  • Fashion & Textile Design
  • Postcards & Poster Prints
  • Accessoires & Gifts

Animals Gallery

Art 4 Kids

Galleries wanted!

Sell PLATUX ART in your Gallery and get a good benefit.

Photos: November 2010 all rights reserved by PLATUX

Copyright: all rights reserved by PLATUX.

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