Modern Art & Abstract Art

Modern Art & Abstract Art by PLATUX

PLATUX is using many colors dimensions separations levels frames forms materials to compose visual & virtual arts to make dreams & visions come true … to real existing fine art works and Masterpieces in limited editions. Fantasy meets Reality with references from History and Future with Abstraction to Photo Realism Pictures to bring them tothe Point of View. Nature, Animal, Buildings, Technics, Science, Lights, Human – inspire the Artist. Philosophy by Pictures inside cogitations… abstraction to create a new Reality … to compose a new World. Abstract Art a thought experiment for the Freedom of fantasy to break all rules of existing masterpieces to create open minded art fantasy and future for galleries museums and collectors with true value.

PLATUX Photo & Pop Art 2.0

PLATUX Favorite Abstract Art Work in Pop Art 2.0 Style

Modern Art Heart 11 by PLATUX ART Photography
Modern Art Heart
Modern Art Hearts 22 by PLATUX ART Photography
Modern Art Hearts

Mother Love by Platux Photo Abstract ART Abstract modern ART PLATUX Photography Artist 22 Abstract Nature meets Technics by PLATUX Pop Art 2.0 The abstract Companion Pop Art 2.0 PLATUX Style

Limited PHOTO ART Edition – fine art works:

  • Art Print on paper (Country Edition)
  • Photo Art Print on aluminum (Continent Edition)
  • Light Art Photography (Continent Edition)
  • Prints on glas and behind acrylic glass (Continent Edition)
  • Fashion & Textile Design
  • Postcards & Poster Prints
  • Accessoires & Gifts

… moderne Kunst Deutschland / Schweiz. Abstract Art

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