Art Exhibitions / Art Fairs / References

Kölner Liste Fair for Contemporary Art Cologne PLATUX Exhibition Galeria Gaudi Madrid

PLATUX ART Exhibitions / Art Fairs / Kunstausstellungen 2019

– 07/2019 The Open Art Gallery Germany is representing the biggest PLATUX Solo Exhibition ever to now. The audience enjoys more than 30 original PLATUX artworks.

– 06/2019 Under the high patronage of H.S.H. Prince Albert II de Monaco, Summit Patron, at the 9th Global Family Office Summit in Monte Carlo, PLATUX artworks have been exposed.

– 05/2019 Gallery for Contemporary Photography Dr. Ingo Seufert Munich, PLATUX Solo Exhibition

Permanent PLATUX Exhibitions

2016 – NOW  extended Solo Exhibition in Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi (SwissArtGate)

2016 – NOW  The Swiss Consulate General, Dubai owns „Art Dubai Marina Skyline“

2015 – NOW  The German Consulate General Sydney is hosting a 15 square meter big PLATUX Artwork, which was bought by the German Office for Foreign Affairs

ART Exhibitions & Art Fairs / 2018

– 10/2018 Grand Palais Champs-Élysées Salon D’Automne France

– 03 to 07/2018 Dubai Art Week / Swiss Tower PLATUX Exhibition

– 03/2018 Under the high patronage of H.H. Sheikh Tahnoon Bin Saeed Bin Tahnoon Al Nahyan, at the 5th Global Family Office Summit, PLATUX art was exposed

ART Exhibitions & Art Fairs / 2017

– 11/2017 art3f International Contemporary Art Fair Bruxelles 

– 11/2017 MAG Montreux Art Gallery salon d’art contemporain (Mona Youssef Gallery)

– 10/2017 ART Shopping Carrousel du Louvre 2017 (Mona Youssef Gallery)

– 10/2017 XI Florence Biennale 2017 (Fortezza da Basso, Firenze)

– 09/2017 Westminster Palace – House of Lords – RNLI Charity Event

– 05/2017 extended Solo Exhibition in Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi (SwissArtGate)

– 05/2017 Index Dubai, PLATUX Luxury Art, Mother of Pearl (Zanin Venezia 1972)

– 04/2017 Kölner Liste Fair for Contemporary Art Cologne (Galeria Gaudi Madrid)

– 03/2017 ArtExpo Rome 2017 (Domus Romana Art Gallery, Roma)

– 2017  Internationale Kunst Heute 2017 – Artist Book

ART Exhibitions & Art Fairs / 2016

– 11/2016 Solo Art Exhibition EquipHotel Paris

09/2016 Solo Art Exhibition Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi (SwissArtGate UAE)

– 09/2016 Hotel Show Dubai – German Pavilion

– 08/2016 Kunstmesse Rees 2016

– 06/2016 ART-Stuttgart – International Gallery Art Fair

– 06/2016 ARTMUC München – PLATUX @ Art Fair Munich

– 2016 Internationale Kunst Heute 2016 – Artist Book

ART Exhibitions & Art Fairs / 2015

– 2015 Deutsches Generalkonsulat Sydney – Platux Artwork

– 06/2015 Einzelausstellung Marburg – Kaiser Wilhelm Turm

– 2015 Louvre Paris – Art Dubai Marina Skyline

– 2015 Kunstmesse Rees

– 2014 Art Miami – Art takes Miami Photo Contest

– 2014 Iserlohn – USA My Way Edition (6 month)

– 2014 Kunstmesse Rees

– 2013 Krefeld – Südgang – Kunst-Ausstellung

– 2013 Dubai Art Exhibition – German Pavilion

– 05/2013 Kunstcareé Bocholt

– 04/2013 – 05/2013 Museum Rhede

– 12/2012 Wiesbaden Kunstausstellung

– 09/2012 Dubai Art Avenue Index  – German Pavilion

– 08/2012 Bocholt Ausstellung – Wir sind Bocholt!

– 08/2012 Kunstmesse Rees  (NRZ)

– 05/2012 Kunstcareé Bocholt 2012  (BBV Zeitung)  (BBV-Net)

– 2012 Bocholt Schulprojekt (Melanchtonschule)

– 02/2012 MOMA Galerie Freyer – Wa(h)re Liebe wa(h)re Kunst?

– 11/2011 Rhede Schulprojekt Fotoart (Realschule Rhede)

– 10/2011 Dubai Art Avenue Index (ART PRESS)

– 08/2011 Kunstmesse Rees (Stadtanzeiger Rees)

– 05/2011 Seniorenresidenz Bocholt (Dauerausstellung 2 Jahre)

– 05/2011 Speed Exhibition (NRZ) (Rheinische Post Kultur) (Stadtanzeiger Emmerich Rees)

– 03/2011 Nürnberg Messe – PLATUX Kunst-Ausstellung

– 12/2010 Rees Kunstmesse

Contact Phone: +49 162 36 36 36 3

PLATUX Künstler Portrait 2016 Fotokunst Andreas Denstorf Artist modern Art Photo PopArt


Emerging artist blue chip

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Art Dubai Marina Skyline

Art Dubai modern art photo PLATUX Photography Design Artist

Presented at Louvre Museum Paris Photo Contest, Art Books, Fairs,
Art Magazines … it’s an international modern art photo masterpiece.

• The philosophy of duality and diversity • Die Philosophie der Dualität und Vielfalt •

International Art Exhibitions … for example:

XI Florence Biennale / Fortezza da Basso, Firenze 06. – 15.10.2017

Louvre Paris Art-Shopping from 20. – 22. October 2017

MAG Montreux Art Gallery salon d’art contemporain

Art Dubai Edition – special art print mirror paper
Rare PLATUX artworks … buy limited art.

Art Dubai Marina Skyline PLATUX Cover Story 

Internationale Kunst Heute 2016 de PLATUX فن fan Kunst 藝術 Yìshù アート Āto Τέχνη कला kala Sanat ศิลปะ Arte
Art Book -Internationale Kunst Heute 2016

Kölner Liste Fair for Contemporary Art Cologne PLATUX Exhibition Galeria Gaudi Madrid

Kölner Liste Fair for Contemporary Art Cologne

ARTMUC 2016 Platux Fotokunst Kunstausstellung München Referenzen Presse
Art Exhibition ARTMUC 2016 Munich

Art Historian & Gallerist Dr. Ingo Seufert Munich – PLATUX Interview

Hotel Show Dubai 2016 PLATUX ART German Pavilion
Hotel Show Dubai 2016

Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi PLATUX Art Exhibition until March 2017


The art Intention

Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi PLATUX Solo Exhibition

Art-Fairs & Exhibitons  – Modern ART Dubai – Dubai Gallery

Modern ART Photography and fine art works

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The Westminster Palace – House of Lords

Voice of the Sea PLATUX Luxury Art on Mother of Pearl - Rickmer Rickmers Hamburg

28. September 2017

The Westminster Palace, House of Lords: Sotheby’s Auctioneer Mark Griffin-Jones sold „Voice of Sea“ a rare PLATUX Luxury Artwork on real Mother of Pearl.


„Voice of the Sea“ Mother of Pearl PLATUX Luxury Art Edition.

Voice of Sea combines the „Rickmers Rickmers“ famous sailing ship from Hamburg and an anchor from wreck beach in Australia. PLATUX, Andreas Denstorf who served as a special forces navy seal, decided to donate the complete amount of the Sotheby’s auction to the RNLI. PLATUX loves to help people who get distressed at sea.

The Royal National Lifeboat Institution – Saving Lives at Sea:

The PLATUX Luxury Edition on Mother of Pearl is mounted by ZANIN Venezia 1972.

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