Glamour de Paris PLATUX Luxury Art Mother of Pearl Artwork Louvre Museum Art Shopping modern Art

Glamour de Paris – Mother of Pearl Original PLATUX Luxury Art Edition – ART EXHIBITIONS Louvre Paris Art-Shopping from 20. – 22. October 2017 XI Florence Biennale / Fortezza da Basso, Firenze 06. – 15.10.2017 MAG Montreux Art Gallery salon d’art contemporain (SOLD)   Editions on request Kölner Liste 2017 Fair for Contemporary Art Cologne Luxury at its finest: PLATUX Luxury […]

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Mona Lisa


Mona Lisa Leonardo da Vinci Museum Louvre Paris France Paris Modern ART Modern ART Photography – fine art works: Art Print on paper (Country Edition) Photo Art Print on aluminum (Continent Edition) Light Art Photography (Continent Edition) Prints on glas and behind acrylic glass (Continent Edition) Fashion & Textile Design Postcards & Poster Prints Accessoires & Gifts Paris Gallery People Gallery

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