EquipHotel Paris 2016

Acoustics & Design Innovations for Hotels & Restaurants

EquipHotel Paris will present 5 PLATUX Acoustic Artworks 6 – 10 Nov. 2016: These PLATUX Acoustic-Artworks are designed ArtSorber to reduce noises and sound exposures. Especially in Hotels, Restaurants, Commercial Buildings and Offices there are fantastic benefits. All specific verifications are done by authorized experts. ArtSorber is a german Brand manufactured in Bavaria.

More PLATUX Acoustic Artworks are shown in the Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi.

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Oficial Video: EquipHotel Paris

Index Dubai 2012

PLATUX Exhibition Index Dubai 3B152 24 to 27 September 2012
UK London Westminster PhotoArt by PLATUX
London Westminster – City Art – PLATUX modern art Light Art 2011

Art Dubai City Falcon PLATUX Luxury Art 2011 2017

Art Dubai modern art photo PLATUX Photography Design Artist


PLATUX modern ART Exhibition

UAE 24. to 27.09.2012 Index Dubai

Hall 3 „Made in Germany“ Stand:  3B152

Enjoy the second PLATUX modern Art Exhibition in the UAE.

Modern Art – Burj Khalifa UAE – burj al arab – Dubai Marina Skyline

PLATUX modern ART – First Exhibition Index Dubai 2011

Modern ART Dubai – Dubai Gallery