Emerging artist or blue chip?

PLATUX Künstler Portrait 2016 Fotokunst Andreas Denstorf Artist modern Art Photo PopArt

L’ROYAL Alternative Investments & GALERIE.ART are presenting PLATUX Art

PLATUX Art is inspired by working on all 8 continents

• Africa – African art & culture, landscapes, wildlife, Big 5

• Antarctica – penguins and the elemental forces of nature

• Asia – traditional Asian & Arabian art & culture, modern influences

• Europe – great masters, castles, capitals, European art & culture

• North America – landscapes, technics, modern art & culture

• Oceania – wilderness, wildlife, silence, aboriginal art & culture

• South America – biodiversity, Indigenous art & culture

• Zealandia – trekking, landscapes, volcanos, Maori art & culture

PLATUX has been exhibited by famous art fairs and museums

2015 At Musée du Louvre, Paris – PLATUX „Art Dubai Marina Skyline“ was presented

2015 The German Consulate General Sydney is hosting a huge 15 square meter big PLATUX Artwork, which was bought by the German Office for Foreign Affairs.

2016 to now The Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi is exposing up to 18 PLATUX artworks.

2016 The Swiss Consulate General, Dubai owns PLATUX „Art Dubai Marina Skyline“.

2017 The Florence Biennale international selection committee awarded PLATUX.

2017 Sotheby’s auctioneered the PLATUX Mother of Pearl artwork „Voice of the sea“ in the honorable House of Lords (The Westminster Palace), in London, United Kingdom.

2018 Under the patronage of H.H. Sheikh Tahnoon Bin Saeed Bin Tahnoon Al Nahyan, Summit Patron, UAE at the 5th Global Family Office Summit, PLATUX art was exposed.

2018 The Grand Palais presented PLATUX masterpiece at the Champs L’Elysee Paris.

2019 The renowned art historian Dr. Ingo Seufert hosted a PLATUX Solo Exhibition in his outstanding Gallery for Contemporary Photography in Munich.

2019 Under the patronage of H.S.H. Prince Albert II de Monaco, Summit Patron, at the 9th Global Family Office Summit in Monte Carlo, PLATUX artworks have been exposed.

2019 The Open Art Gallery Germany is representing the biggest PLATUX Solo Exhibition ever to now. The audience enjoys more than 30 original PLATUX artworks.

2022 Under the patronage of H.S.H. Prince Albert II de Monaco, Summit Patron, at the Ritossa Global Family Office Summit in Monte Carlo, PLATUX artworks have been exposed.

2022 World Economic Forum in Davos, Hotel Seehof sustainable PLATUX artworks have been exposed at the Green Accelerator for innovators furthering a regenerative future

The result: A emerging artist becomes a blue chip.

Likewise the limited PLATUX editions are serving as diplomatic bridges. The 15 m² „Art Brandenburg Gate Berlin“ in the German Consulate General in Sydney and the „Art Dubai Marina Skyline“ in the Swiss Consulate General, Dubai are perfect examples.

While the multidimensional PLATUX Photo Art is characterized by reflections, separations, bright shining colors full of energy and superimpositions this creates numerous levels and meanings. „His large-sized, effective images show depth“, writes the art historian Dr. Ingrid Gardill about PLATUX artworks which are shown in the art book „International Art Today“ in 2016 & 2017. The observer is invited to step into the artwork to realize all layers and elements. Each level tells a part of the story.

All PLATUX artworks are created by the international known artist Andreas Denstorf. He is a german Photographer, who captures extraordinary motives, moments and different angles of view with his camera to rewrite them into iridescent stories. In keeping with the artist’s handwriting, the pseudonym PLATUX combines the philosopher Platon & Lux for the light. Enjoy PLATUX emerging artist & blue chip.

PLATUX has been exhibited or has been working in all these countries Abu Dhabi • Antarctica • Argentina • Australia • Austria • Belgium • Bolivia • Canada • China Croatia • Denmark • Dominican Republic •  Dubai • Ecuador • Egypt • Falkland Islands • France • Germany • Gibraltar • Greece • Indonesia • Italy • Iceland • Jordan • Luxembourg • Maldives • Malta • Maroc • Mexico • Monaco • Netherlands • Peru • Poland • Portugal • New Zealand • Norway • San Marino • Scotland • Slovenia • South Georgia • Spain • Switzerland • Tanzania • Togo • Tunisia • Turkey • Ukraine • United Arab Emirates • United Kingdom • United States of America • Vatican City •

Even more, Art is a lifetime investment.


ArtExpo Rome 2017 Solo Art Exhibition

Domus Romana Art Gallery 18. – 31. 03.2017 Roma, Italia

PLATUX Interview @ ArtExpo Rom, Italien

Gloria of Rome – City Art – PLATUX ART 2016

Art Dubai modern art photo PLATUX Photography Design Artist

Art Dubai Marina Skyline UAE Artwork

PLATUX Kunst Berlin Brandenburg Gate Fotokunst City-Art 2015

Art Berlin Brandenburg Gate Artwork

Flamboyant Toskana Platux 2016 Panorama

Dream of Bali 2016/2017 PLATUX Photo Art on Aluminum Dibond with Acrylic Glass 120x60cm

Dream of Bali Art


Photo-Art Italy: Italy Art Gallery

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  • Aluminum Dibond Photo Artworks with acrylic glass (Country Edition)
  • Acoustics Artworks ArtSorber (Continent Edition)

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Art Intention

Art Dubai modern art photo PLATUX Photography Design Artist

PLATUX artworks with art intention 

The Dubai Marina Skyline artwork emerged on the 8.th wonder of the World „The Palm Dubai“ in 2011 with the spectacular night view of Dubai Marina Skyline. The exposure time was 60 seconds. One Minute to get all lights and colors … the skyline and water … detained for eternity. In particular, the colorful light reflections in the water and vast depth of field – are the basis of this PLATUX Photo Art. The clear boundaries of architectural contrasts in black / white are the fundamental contradictions to the sensual nature – the water plays gentle with the colors.

Art Dubai Marina Skyline shows 2 completely different worlds:

  • – The world of people – buildings – structures – the urban habitat in black and white. Duality is unfortunately also a basis of Education: We are big / small … poor / rich … healthy / sick … thick / thin … young / old … black / white … it’s an either / or world!
  • – The Mirror – the water which is the natural and fundamental element for all life on earth – for all animals, plants and humans! Water is the „divine element“. Water shows the flexible movements of the natural life and the soul. Nature is absolutely creative and creates constantly new: every snowflake, every eye, every fingerprint is unique! Nature is colorful and it applies „both – as well as“!

This artwork is thought-provoking: What is the meaning of life ?!

Art Dubai modern art photo PLATUX Photography Design Artist

PLATUX Kunstwerke mit Kunst Intention 

Das Dubai Marina Skyline Kunstwerk entstand auf dem 8.Weltwunder „The Palm Dubai“ 2011. Eine spektakuläre Nachtaufnahme der Dubai Marina Skyline. Mit 60 Sekunden Belichtungszeit wurden Lichter und Farben, sowie die Skyline und  Wasser für die Ewigkeit festgehalten. Insbesondere die bunten Licht-Spiegelungen im Wasser und die enorme Tiefenschärfe stellen die Basis dieser PLATUX Fotokunst. Die klaren Grenzen der architektonischen Kontraste in schwarz / weiß stehen im grundsätzlichen Widerspruch zur weichen Natur – das Wasser, welches die Farben sanft und verspielt tanzen lässt.

Art Dubai Marina Skyline zeigt 2 völlig unterschiedliche Welten:

  • – Die Welt der Menschen – Gebäude – Strukturen – der urbane Lebensraum in schwarz und weiß. Diese Dualität ist leider auch eine Grundlage der Erziehung: Wir sind groß / klein … arm / reich … gesund / krank … dick / dünn … jung / alt … schwarz / weiß … es ist eine entweder / oder Welt!
  • – Der Spiegel  – das Wasser, welches der natürliche Grundbaustein für alles irdische Leben ist – für alle Tiere, Pflanzen und Menschen! Wasser ist das „göttliche Element“. Im Wasser zeigen sich die flexiblen Bewegungen des natürlichen Lebens, sowie der Seele. Die Natur ist absolut kreativ und schafft stetig Neues: jede Schneeflocke, jedes Auge, jeder Fingerabdruck ist einmalig! Die Natur ist bunt – hier gilt „sowohl als auch“!

Das Kunstwerk regt zum Nachdenken an:  Was ist der Sinn des Lebens?!