Art Berlin Gallery

Germany Berlin Gallery PhotoArt by PLATUX

German Art Gallery PLATUX modern Art

Germany artworks for art collector, art-lover, hotel & restaurant, offices,
commercial buildings … presented in museums, galleries, art-books,
interior-design-magazines, on art-fairs … get a limited edition artwork,
rare, high value art … Art Berlin & Germany by PLATUX.

PLATUX Kunst Berlin Brandenburg Gate Fotokunst City-Art 2015
Art Berlin Brandenburg Gate – PLATUX ArtSorber 2011/2015
modern art PLATUX Hamburg Hafen St. Pauli Landungsbrücken Deutschland Kunst Fotokunst
Art Hamburg Harbor – PLATUX 2012 // Hamburg Hafen Landungsbrücken
Art Cologne Rhine City Gallery Köln PLATUX Kunst Galerie
Art Cologne – City Art – PLATUX 2012

Düsseldorf City PhotoArt

Art Düsseldorf Medienhafen

Dresden City Saxony PhotoArt

Art Dresden

Hannover Expo City PhotoArt by PLATUX

Art Hannover


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Art Stuttgart

Art Stuttgart Kunstmesse Artfair Gallery Museum Collector Exhibition Kunst Messe Galerie Künstler Ausstellung

Art Exhibition Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle Stuttgart, Germany

This abstract art – photo art composition is unique & absolutely beautiful.

Abstract World falls in Love with The Moated Castle of Anholt

Abstract Art and Photo Art Composition PLATUX modern Art Gallery

Long term night shot 2011 from the Palm Jumeirah in Dubai, UAE.

Art Dubai Marina Skyline is an international masterpiece of the art.

Art Dubai modern art photo PLATUX Photography Design Artist

This London Photo Art Collage is a colourful and timeless invitation.

Art London Big Ben   Subtitle: The Times of London

UK London BigBen PhotoArt by Platux art works

Press Release ART Stuttgart Pressemitteilung  „Art Stuttgart“ weiterlesen

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Art Berlin Brandenburg Gate

Berlin Brandenburger Tor

Art Sale – Original Artwork: German General Consulate Sydney

Further International Art-Fairs & Art-Exhibitions:

Louvre Paris Art-Shopping from 20. – 22. October 2017

XI Florence Biennale / Fortezza da Basso, Firenze 06. – 15.10.2017

Berlin Brandenburger Tor
Art Berlin Brandenburg Gate – PLATUX 2011

Art Berlin Edition on request 

The largest PLATUX artwork has been bought by:
Federal Republic of Germany
It is 15 square meters in size and is located:
German Consulate General in Sydney

Consulate General of Federal Republik of Germany Sydney PLATUX Art Berlin Brandenburg Gate Luxury Artwork Acoustics ArtSorber

Deutsches Generalkonsulat Sydney Künstler Platux Fotokunst Kunstwerk Australien
Deutsches Generalkonsulat Sydney – 15qm ArtSorber 2015

Moderne Kunst Brandenburger Tor & Reichstag

Eine Werkbetrachtung der Kunsthistorikerin Frau Dr. Gardill
finden Sie im Kunst-Buch: Internationale Kunst Heute 2016

Internationale Kunst Heute 2016 de PLATUX فن fan Kunst 藝術 Yìshù アート Āto Τέχνη कला kala Sanat ศิลปะ Arte
Kunstbuch – Internationale Kunst Heute 2016

Das Berlin Kunstwerk in Kunstausstellungen 2016:

ARTMUC 2016 Platux Fotokunst Kunstausstellung München Referenzen Presse
ARTMUC Kunstmesse München 2016
Abendzeitung München Kunst ART News Künstler PLATUX auf der ARTMUC Kunstmesse
Abendzeitung München präsentiert das Kunstwerk zur ARTMUC

Kölner Liste Fair for Contemporary Art Cologne PLATUX Exhibition Galeria Gaudi Madrid

Kölner Liste 2017 Fair for Contemporary Art Cologne

Hotel Show Dubai 2016 PLATUX ART German Pavilion
Hotel Show Dubai 2016

Modern ART Berlin   –  Berlin Gallery




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