The London Way …

Art London the Palace of Westminster

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UK London Westminster PhotoArt by PLATUX


Photos: November 2010 all rights reserved by PLATUX

The London Way Pop Art 2.0 Masterpiece

Westminster Palace Big Ben UK Taxi & Bus

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Sell PLATUX ART in your Gallery and get a good benefit.

Fine Art Works in many sizes & materials:

  • huge sizes up to 10m x 15m
  • Custom Made Triptychon in 3 pieces
  • also 4 Hotels, Commercial Buildings, …
  • Art on canvas, cotton, metall, glass, …
  • Art Prints on paper
  • Acrylic Glass Art Work
  • Light Art Objects, …
  • ask for details & your own wishes

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  1. You are a passionate artist and philosopher. We believe you will become very famous. All the best and still follow your heart.

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