London Tower Bridge

London Tower Bridge

modern Art Design by Artist PLATUX

Timeless Art Work in limited Edition.

London Tower Bridge modern Art Design by PLATUX Artist 1121 BW Desktop

Photos: November 2010 all rights reserved by PLATUX London Modern ART Modern ART Photography – fine art works:

  • Art Print on paper (Country Edition)
  • Photo Art Print on aluminum (Continent Edition)
  • Light Art Photography (Continent Edition)
  • Prints on glas and behind acrylic glass (Continent Edition)
  • Fashion & Textile Design
  • Postcards & Poster Prints
  • Accessoires & Gifts

London Gallery   Galleries wanted! Sell PLATUX ART in your Gallery and get a good benefit. Fine Art Works in many sizes & materials:

  • huge sizes up to 10m x 15m
  • Custom Made Triptychon in 3 pieces
  • also 4 Hotels, Commercial Buildings, …
  • Art on canvas, cotton, metall, glass, …
  • Art Prints on paper
  • Acrylic Glass Art Work
  • Light Art Objects, …
  • ask for details & your own wishes

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