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Glamour de Paris 2016 PLATUX Photo Art on Mother of Pearl

Only a few living artists create art on mother of pearl, a unique natural material extracted from the shells of certain seashells. It is known for its high quality, grace and preciousness. Pearls and shells have long been used in jewelry, artwork, and other luxury items. Such coveted heirlooms often remain in family possession for many generations.

PLATUX is creating valuable works of art on mother of pearl.

One of these extraordinary nacre works of art was exhibited in the honorable House of Lords in Westminster Palace, London UK and was auctioned off with Sotheby’s. PLATUX mother-of-pearl artworks have also been exhibited in Dubai, Paris and Monaco and awarded during the Florence Biennale.

The Westminster Palace House of Lords London Sothebys Auction emerging artist Platux blue chip
art on mother of pearl exhibited in the honorable House of Lords, Westminster Palace, London UK and auctioned with Sotheby’s

All PLATUX artworks are strictly limited. All works have certificates and security features that ensure the originality of the works. This gives art collectors and investors the best possible security. The provenance of the work and the vita of the artist contribute to increases in value.

This site shows the PLATUX art exhibitions from the last 12 years:

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