PLATUX Biography & Philosophy

Art is Life – Life is Art!

Meine Kunstwerke basieren auf besonderen Fotos … Bilder, die zeitlos sind.

In zahlreichen Dimmensionen, Ebenen, Formen, … komponiere ich in lebhaften Farben … auf absolut unterschiedlichen Materialien … wie z.B. Papier, Baumwolle, Acryl, Glas, Metall, … sowie mit unterschiedlichsten Rahmen / Druckverfahren … meine einzigartige Kunst.


I love Art & Philosophy.

My art work is based on special photos – they have to be timeless – I compose my artworks in many dimmensions, separations, colors, frames and also on many materials like paper, cotton, acrylic, glass, chrome, metal and last but not least as light art objects … so I describe my fine art works „The PopArt 2.0“

All masterpieces are limited and I always give special editions for each country – this means – only one piece and never two equal masterpieces in the same land. So  collector, galleries, museums, … trust and invest in high value and unique masterpieces.

Before I became an artist I was the founder of germanys biggest Talent Network: Connecting & promoting artists •  singers •  dancer • bands • models • artists • actors  • authors  • composer • painter •  with customers • media • tv • royal families • officials • even bookers for events & exhibitions Artists Network


My real name is Andreas

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